The office of the family advocate was established in 1990 to look after the well being of minor children in family related matters, ie: divorce.

Family advocate’s office assists families by promoting and protecting the best interests of minor and dependent children in a parental right and responsibility disputes. That is according to our Constitution, section 28, the best interests of a child are of paramount importance in every matter concerning a child.

A family advocates evaluates the family’s circumstances and then makes a recommendation with regards to care, contact, and guardianship.

Family Advocate duties includes the following:

  • Investigate and provide a court with recommendations regarding the interest of the minor children;
  • Serve as a mediator to parents who are having disputes with regards to their parental responsibilities and rights;
  • Assist with regards to drafting of a parenting plan and registration thereof;
  • Amending or terminating an already existing parenting plan;
  • Varying care, contact, guardianship and visitation arrangements;
  • Dealing with parental child abduction;
  • Dealing with any other matter involving minor children where a court has so ordered.

The services of the office of the family advocate are free of charge.


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